Surf/Skate: Art and Board Life

Making and breaking waves on artist Steve Miller’s surf- and skateboards, Amazonian creatures from iguanas to piranhas make their way back into their lost habitats in style. Always at the vanguard of scientific and artistic innovation, Miller has integrated biomedical imaging technology―from MRIs to CT scans―to capture the natural and material world as extraordinary photographic images. As global environmental degradation continues to threaten the rainforests, Miller metaphorically restores the dwindling flora and fauna of the Amazon through dynamic surfaces and vehicles. Surf/Skate, a companion piece to Miller’s publishing debut Radiographic, documents this expansion of his original concept, taking readers on a ride to the intersection of fine art and material culture.

Book Details

Book Title: Surf/Skate: Art and Board Life

Book Author: Steve Miller

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1943876606