Sterling Test Prep CLEP Chemistry Review: Complete Subject Review

Higher score money back guarantee! High yield chemistry review covering all topics tested on the CLEP test. This book provides a detailed and thorough review of general chemistry topics tested on the CLEP. The content covers foundational principles and theories necessary to answer related questions on the test. The information is presented clearly and organized in a systematic way to provide students with targeted CLEP review tool. You can focus on one knowledge area at a time to learn and fully comprehend important concepts and principles, or to simply refresh your memory. By reading these review chapters thoroughly, you will learn important chemistry concepts and the relationships between them. This will prepare you for the CLEP and you will significantly increase your score. All the material in this book is prepared by chemistry instructors with years of experience. This team of experts analyzed the content of CLEP Chemistry test and developed general chemistry review material that will help you build knowledge and develop the skills necessary for your success on the test. The material was reviewed and systematized by our academic editors to ensure strict adherence to the topics and skills outlined by the College Board for the current test. Our editors are experts on teaching, preparing students for standardized tests and have coached thousands of applicants on admission strategies.

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Book Title: Sterling Test Prep CLEP Chemistry Review: Complete Subject Review

Book Author: Sterling Test Prep

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ISBN: 1947556509