Discover Love Thrive : Transform Your Life Through The Power of Positive Thinking

Are you really enjoying your life? Or do you find yourself living in a state of discontent, wondering ‘Is this it?’ If you know that you want to feel happier than you do, that you want more than mediocracy from this life, this book is for you.Most people spend years searching for the person, job, or ‘big break’ that’s going to suddenly make their life what they want it to be, that’s going to finally make them happy. But the truth is, you already have all you need to live your best life. It all starts with positive thinking.Many eyes will roll when those words are read, because a positive mindset is often seen as unachievable in the ‘real world’. This book will be happy to dis-prove that misconception, by giving you all of the simple, yet effective tools you need to transform your mindset and begin making the most of your life, no matter what your life currently looks like. With effective self reflection and goal setting exercises that will help you to progress in the 'real world', this book will push you to: Discover why you think the way you do and help you to think in the most beneficial way. Fall in Love with yourself and your life. Thrive in the ways you've been dreaming of.Whether you're a beginner to self improvement, or you've started your journey and are looking to take your life to new levels, this book will act as your realistic guide towards the life you're so capable of living. And if you're still not convinced about this whole 'positive thinking' thing, there's a whole chapter in this book dedicated to the benefits that a positive mindset can bring you.So, no excuses, this is your time to transform your life through the power of positive thinking!

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Book Title: Discover Love Thrive : Transform Your Life Through The Power of Positive Thinking

Book Author: Sadie Peters

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