The Discipline of Masters: Destroy Big Obstacles, Master Your Time, Capture Creative Ideas and Become the Leader You Were Born to Be

Are you tired of being a slave to circumstances beyond your control? Lacking discipline and need a clear direction on how to be more productive, prolific and purpose-driven? Are you blocked by obstacles that stop your progress?The Discipline of Masters focuses on employing discipline as a means to achieve something greater than ourselves. By putting into practice the action steps you’ll find at the end of each of these key areas, you will become more prolific in achieving your goals, become more focused, and condition your mindset to evolve beyond its current state.Destroy your obstacles and open up a clear pathway to becoming more creative.Learn  to master the core areas of your life that impact happiness, achievement, growth, and creativity, developing the creative genius within you. Once you take action on these ideas, you can be creative, build more income, and live the life you were born to lead.The Master of Destroying ObstaclesMaster the step-by-step formula for tackling procrastination, perfection, fear, and addiction. Learn to break down your obstacles so they have less power over you.The Master of Time InvestmentWaste your time, waste your life. Learn the basics of managing your time so you get more out of your life. By putting into practice time management tools such as the Pomodoro technique and the 80/20 principle, you will be better equipped to manage your actions.The Master of Mentoring and LeadershipAs a mentor, you can help people get where they never imagined possible. Imagine working with someone and helping them to grow, explore, and, ultimately, succeed in an area of life they once dreamed of. If you want to make an impact on the world, it begins with leading people.The Master of Building Creative IdeasDon’t lose the good stuff because you forgot to write it down. Learn to capture your ideas and apply creativity to make positive changes. By keeping your ideas and turning them into a plan of action, you can develop new products or build the dream business you have always wanted. Imagine where your ideas could take you, and that is where you will end up.Written by bestselling author Scott Allan, The Discipline of Masters will teach you how to:Confront the fear of big obstacles blocking your growthIdentify and eliminate your greatest self-defeating behaviorRemove the quick-fix addiction cycleChallenge the old beliefs holding you prisonerConfront the habit of procrastination and learn to do it NOWNow you can focus your thoughts and actions toward conditioning your mind and attitude.You will also learn to…Build superior performance activities with the best time management techniquesInvest in yourself through priority investment planningFocus on life design instead of life crisisCreate a system for capturing your most prolific ideas.Are you ready for more?Download The Discipline of Masters right NOW and start your journey towards self-mastery and a life of greater freedom.Scroll up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

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Book Title: The Discipline of Masters: Destroy Big Obstacles, Master Your Time, Capture Creative Ideas and Become the Leader You Were Born to Be

Book Author: Scott Allan

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ISBN: 1720172692