Win Your Horses Heart: And Be a Better Horseman

There are only two kinds of people: Those who love horses and those who don't. This book is definitely for those who do love horses, whether you own one or not. Sherry's passion and love for horses has driven her to write a book which will change your way of thinking and acting so you can win any horse's heart. When a horse gives you his whole heart he will jump higher, run faster, stop quicker, slide further, spin better, and be safer. There is nothing you can't do together when a horse becomes a part of you. Dreams are sure to come true to those who follow the common sense principles presented in this book, with real life stories to support the practices. You will learn what it means to be natural with a horse and how to develop a working partnership. You will gain more knowledge and insight about attitudes which can help eliminate frustrations with horses. You will discover practical ways to overcome fears, build confidence, communicate more effectively and become the kind of leader your horse needs you to be. The personal horse stories will touch your heart as you realize that winning a horse's heart is the ultimate prize in horsemanship.

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Book Title: Win Your Horses Heart: And Be a Better Horseman

Book Author: Sherry Jarvis

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ISBN: 1595942890