MIDMEN: The Modern Mans Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis

Eighty percent of modern, middle-aged men are having what is known as a midlife crisis. These men represent the highest concentration of wealth, the longest terms of unemployment and (drum roll please) the highest rate of suicide. They also represent over four million inappropriate gold stud earrings, seventeen billion individual hair transplants and eight thousand miles of hairy muffin top. These are the MIDMEN.MIDMEN is more than just an informative self help book for a growing, if rapidly balding, generation. It's a frank - okay downright rude - collection of facts, quizzes and anecdotes that offers readers a way to identify what really matters in life and get it scheduled in.MIDMEN keeps its readers laughing as it spoon-feeds them genuine survival information. Covering areas as diverse as health, finance, family and death, MIDMEN hilariously reinforces its reader's sense of well being as they face life's second half. 

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Book Title: MIDMEN: The Modern Mans Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis

Book Author: Steve Ochs

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ISBN: 1499781865