The Sport Psych Handbook

Athletes' physiques and conditioning levels have advanced significantly in the past decade. Now, it's time for their mental prowess to catch up.The Sport Psych Handbook makes significant performance improvement possible through training the mind to parallel the body's enhanced development. Experts covering each facet of the mental game present research-based, field-tested approaches to enhance individual and team performance. More specifically, this comprehensive guide will give athletes breakthrough methods to do the following:Optimize inner drive for training and competitionMaintain emotional and mental control for unwavering focusImprove communication skills for better leadership and teamworkAvoid and overcome slumps, injuries, and other challenges to a successful seasonComplement your physical skills with sharper mental skills. Make The Sport Psych Handbook part of your training arsenal, and start performing to your potential.

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Book Title: The Sport Psych Handbook

Book Author: Shane Murphy

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ISBN: 0736049045